Greg Jenkins is a neuroscientist and part of a team conducting an experiment to find the root of consiousness by testing patients at the moment of their deaths.  Hugh Williams, the passionate mastermind, and Jennifer, Greg’s wife, form the trio.

    As the experiment progresses, Greg’s epileptic seizures return, coinciding with supernatural encounters that cause him to question his beliefs. Greg’s bond with Doris, a dying patient with an estranged son, and Carson, a young boy who’s hope is misplaced,  bring forth an urge to provide solace and clarity in all of their lives that have become inevitbaly intertwined.

     ‘Qualia’ is an insightful account of an esoteric search from the perspective of those grounded by the science and the people choosing to spend their last moments seeking to believe. Every individual’s hope, faith, belief and sanity hinge on the conclusion of the experiment.